Art to Heart: odosketch

Ready to get sketchin’? Go and visit You won’t be disappointed. This unique site features an online doodle pad and allows you to create your own sketches. Honestly, this creative hub is so awesome. Finding this made me really happy, and … Continue reading

Drawing Deer

Based on their simple, quiet, and majestic characteristics, deer are one of my favorite animals. In reality, however, I struggle to realistically draw them. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I doodle–because doodling does not require perfection, or … Continue reading

Doodles of late

Lately I’ve been in the habit of drawing whenever it strikes my fancy, and often (incidentally) during inappropriate moments. I decided to upload some quick shots of some of my recent doodles. I’d say “enjoy” but they’re sub-sub-par, at best, … Continue reading

Drawing on Rocks

  Ever since I was little my mother, the source of my creative roots, would collect all kinds of rocks from various locations and then paint them. In keeping with the art of imitation, like mother like daughter, I naturally … Continue reading

Drawing Hair

I have always had those unrealistic expectations of hair that everyone’s always talking about. While I’ll admit, I have a commendable head of hair (its all in the genes) and I am by no means gloating, I’m the most self … Continue reading